on paper

„Black Box found“

Black sea

CFIT (controlled flight into ground)

Griff nach den Sternen

Mercenary „Computer drawings“

The earliest examples of 3D graphics as we know them today were drawn exclusively with unfilled, untextured wireframe models.

The computer game „Mercenary“ combined a number of different gameplay styles into a surprisingly coherent whole, and is built using only wireframe graphics.
To get around on the surface, you could walk or command various vehicles, many of which could fly, making the game a rudimentary flight simulator. To get around underground, you had to find elevators that took you to underground bases, where you had to explore complex networks of rooms, collect items, and interact with other characters to achieve your own goals.
However, my game, which I bought used, lacked a description and also lacked a map of each room. To find my way around this wireframe model without a map, I had to draw the maps myself. Not so easy since one lacked any dimension. This resulted in the following first „computer drawings“ from the late eighties to 1994.

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